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The Finnish Society of Edmonton was established in 1953 to provide cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunities for its members and the community, and to preserve Finnish customs and language. In 1985, a portion of land at Fork Lake was leased and a clubhouse and sauna were erected.

Today, the Society is active in the Scandinavian community in Edmonton and Alberta and offers several programs coordinated by volunteers.

Seniors gather together for theatre or concert trips, and bus trips across Alberta. They also socialize with the Scandinavian Seniors' Club and have craft clubs.

Culture involves providing cultural experiences such as bringing Finnish performers to Edmonton and showcasing our local musicians from the Finnish Society, celebrating Finnish holidays like Vappu and Juhannus, and organizing Finnish movie events.

Children's program brings families together to learn, speak and sing in Finnish. They also celebrate Finnish holidays such as Virpominen where they dress up and bring Easter wishes.

Recreational and Sports programs take place in Edmonton as well as at the Fork Lake summer camp. These include classes in Finnish cooking and baking, sauna culture and Nordic walking. The clubhouse also contains a Library of Finnish books.

The Heritage program involves being part of the Edmonton Heritage Festival representing the Scandinavian pavilion at Hawrelak Park, and presenting other cultural displays and events.

The Spirituality and Religious program includes church events, the sewing circle, camps and a yearly fall retreat.

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