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Photo Gallery

Tours and Trips Tours and Trips Stettler Trip June 2010 The Finnish Society has arranged a trip to Stettler to experience some local history 106327291 All aboard The Alberta Prairie Railway train heading to Big Valley 106327292 Locomotive 6060 This is a steam locomotive that pulls many of the train excursions 106327293 The Wild West Danger is on the hoof--train robbers appear on the horizon 106327295 Money or your life Maybe money is the wise choice here--or trade for the cool red bandanna 106327297 Even cowboys have needs The little outhouse on the prairie 106327296 The outhouse blues Can't even do your business without being shot 106327298 St. Edmund Church A pioneer church in Big Valley 106327299 Shelter from the sun A canopy comes in handy in sunny Alberta 106327300 Teatime in Big Valley Nice place for an old-fashioned cup of tea or even a cold beer 106327301 Down memory lane Down memory lane in a memorable truck 106327290 Fort McMurray Tour August 2010 Bus tour of the oil sands 106333738 Fort McMurray Not for a Honda Civic 106333737 Sights Sights and sounds 106333631 Whalebone? Not likely a whalebone 106333632 The mother of all bison Bison in stone 106333633 At the wheel Whee! 106333734 Size and scale 106333735 Size and scale 106333736 Landscape 106333739